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Business Cash Advance and Private Business Loans

June 16, 2016

A new way for a small business to obtain financing or working capital

Small and middle market businesses have found a new alternative way to obtain financing or working capital over traditional lending programs by leveraging their future cash receipts.  This cash advance method, also known as merchant cash advance, provides fast capital injection in exchange for a share of debit or credit card sales.

Rising Bird, Inc. can help facilitate this type of loan from as little as $25K to $2 million, tailored to your specific needs, and without having to adhere to very strict underwriting criteria and credit requirements.  In addition we can offer you competitive rates if you have sufficient cash flow for the debt service.  The approval rate for this type of financing is higher and quick because it is based on business performance, rather than personal credit histories.  The term of these loans is shorter and the rates are a bit more than conventional bank loans.

Rising Bird, Inc. will assist you in graduating to less expensive credit facilities as quickly as your business growth will allow.  Such credit facilities, private financing for your business are offered by private lenders.  Getting you and your business to, for example, a five-year, up to $5 million loan with affordable monthly payments, is what we do for many of our clients.

For more information on obtaining a private small business loan please contact

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